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Great Classics Volume I

Great Classics Vol I

Order Great Classics, Vol. I, $10.00
CD – $10.00


Sevilla & Cataluna/Albeniz
Fuga/BWV 1001/Bach
Ariette Triste/Harris
Las Abejas/Barrios

‘Wonderful Music..’ Town & Country Magazine

Contains works by: Albeniz, Turina, Bach, Mertz, and Barrios.

Price: $10.00

Great Classics Vol II

‘Art of the finest level…’ Der Altmarker, Germany

Vol II features music of Susan Grisanti’s Strasse der Romanik tour of Germany, with premieres of Texas composer James Bogle’s Jazz Vignette & Toccata in Blue and Loris Chobanian’s Taqseem/Moorish Mosaics.

CD – $10.00


Order Great Classics, Vol. II Music Along the Romanesque Road – Featuring:

Homage to Unamuno/Harris
Taqseem/Morrish Mosaics/Chobanian
Garrotin & Soleares/Turina
Tribute, Op. 1/Swartz
Jazz Vignette and Toccata in Blue/Bogle
Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Vals Venezolano/Lauro
El Colibri/Sagreras
Danny Boy


Price: $10.00

Great Classics Vol III

Great Classics Vol III, Music From the Heart of Texas Live. Featuring Original Composition “Jeremy” by Susan Grisanti and Mark Robbins.

Order Great Classics, Vol. III Music From the Heart of Texas $10.00.
CD – $10.00


Venezualean Waltzes/Lauro
Jeremy by Susan Grisanti and Mark Robbins
Suite del Recuerdo/Merlin
Pavane/Faure/arranged Grisanti
Allegro & Chaconne/Bach
Jazz Vignette & Toccata in Blue/Bogle
Recuerdos de la Alhambra/Tarrega
Danza Braziliera/ Morel

‘An amazing gift of music, an awesome CD!’ Robert Brown, TV & Film producer

Vol III features original song Jeremy in flamenco, rap and jazz style, as well as premieres of ‘Souvenir’ by Texas composer James Bogle and Gabriel Faure’s ‘Pavane’ arranged for guitar by Susan Grisanti. The CD was recorded live for the Fredericksburg, Texas Music Club concert series and the Texas Commission on the Arts by reknowned Producer Mark Robbins. Featuring Original Composition “Jeremy” by Susan Grisanti and Mark Robbins.

Price: $10.00